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KyberSwap is an on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity and enables users to source liquidity across different decentralized exchanges to achieve the best rate for any token swap, on any supported network.
AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x18fA72e0...716C7443E Kyber Network: KNC_b Token0 BTT18,873
0xE467F79E...20F6BcB97 Kyber Network: KNC_e Token0 BTT205
0x00555513...b44D8fA6E KyberSwap: Aggregation Router 30 BTT87,506
0x5F1dddbf...ECE3DD50a KyberSwap: Elastic Legacy Factory0 BTT4
0x2B1c7b41...3cD6dC9A8 KyberSwap: Elastic Legacy Position Manager0 BTT691
0x0D125c15...ebB508C1f KyberSwap: Elastic Legacy Quoter V20 BTT1
0xC1e7dFE7...9Ab6F4c83 KyberSwap: Elastic Legacy Router0 BTT2

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